thank you kate winslet


"life is short, and it is here to be lived."

"there's more to life than cheek bones."

"because of the person i am i won't be knocked down--ever. they can do what they like," she says. "they can say i'm fat, i'm thin, i'm whatever, and i'll never stop. i just won't. i've got too much to do. i've too much to be happy about."

"thank god for british films — they don’t care what shape you are."

"i am so not fat. i'm fit. i'm healthy. i feel so much more comfortable this way. for god's sake, don't argue with nature!"

"i am who i am. i'm healthy. i swim a mile every day. i'll never be a stick insect, and i wouldn't want to be either because it seems to me that a lot of people who are very thin are just really unhappy."

"i feel for those people (anorexics) because they're being screwed up by what is said to be beautiful and successful these days, thin and pretty, and it's just bollocks."

"i had a time in my life when i was about 19 and i was very thin and i wasn't eating. i was anorexic for about six months. and i was so unhappy. and someone said to me one day, 'don't you realize how much of your day you are spending thinking about your physicality?' and it was so true. i realized i'd wake up in the morning, the first thing i do i would look in the mirror: 'oh, my bum looks big. oh, my face is fat.' and i just felt, 'what am i doing to my life? i can't even think about others.'

"when i was 18 and 19 and 20, i would weigh myself and write it down in my diary. i'm not that person now. i have that feeling of not caring. i'm just happy being me."

"i'll never be a skinny girl - i'll always be curvy kate."

"i wouldn't dream of working on anything that didn't make my gut grumble or my heart want to explode."

"ultimately, you just have one life. you never know unless you try, and you never get anywhere unless you ask."

- kate winslet

those quotes almost completely explain why i chose kate winslet to be all over this site. the site's previous face was of esther canadas, a super-thin supermodel, who represents less than 1% of our world's real women. i don't know much about esther - i've never heard of anything talented or admirable she's done aside from being photogenic. not to say that she hasn't done anything worthwhile, but i admire kate winslet for speaking openly and proudly about her size, her experiences, societies and its effects on women worldwide.

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