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First of all I'd like to thank lacy for hosting my site!

I started building this website in the beginning of 2002. It was a pretty standard pro-ED website, and at first there wasn't much original content or view besides my explanation of why I wasn't including things like "ana's creed" or "tips." Its originality grew over the next couple of years to what I think is now a pretty solid point of view.

The one thing I want people to do when they look at my website is to drop expectations - many come expecting a pro-ED website and are confused or disappointed when they find things like Kate Winslet as my model of choice. I consider myself and my website to be pro-reality and pro-acceptance, not pro-ED or pro-recovery.

The main things I want to address and goals I have with my website are...

į There are a lot of people living with eating disorders who aren't ready to recover, or who have attempted recovery and come back to their disorder. I want to provide as much information about disorders, their effect on mental and physical health, and ways of living as healthily as possible with a disorder. I want to help people maintain their health and lives enough that they won't collapse into their eating disorder.

į Isolation and lack of communication are big problems in preventing people with eating disorders from living more healthily and normally. If they feel safe coming online to form a connection with someone, thatís a step out of isolation, even if itís not quite a step towards recovery. I want to share my experiences with eating issues honestly and express my interest in having them share their own so they can realize they're not the only ones dealing with this.

į I donít think ED-NOS is taken as seriously by anyone as other disorders, partly because physical impact isnít as severe, and partly because people donít easily understand the undefined. Writing about my experiences hopefully defines ED-NOS enough that more people can grasp what it is and that itís a serious disorder.

I believe that we have every right to put whatever we want on our own websites. On one hand, I don't believe in encouraging others to use an eating disorder as a weight loss method or coping mechanism. I think a lot of pro-ED websites have been made carelessly, without acknowledging the impact a website can have on a vulnerable viewer (probably most of the people in our society today). On the other hand, I think the bashing of pro-ED websites is unbelievably hypocritical coming from the same media and magazines that highlight page after page of underweight actresses and models as role-models. Sometimes it's actually hard to believe that our websites are the only things considered "pro-ED" when you can find three magazines at the check-out counter of the grocery store with headlines like "Seven Evil Foods to Avoid" or "The Healthiest Crash Diet Ever." So, no, I don't exactly support the ideas of the online pro-ED community, but I also don't support criticism of them coming from sources that encourage (although they're in denial about it) eating disorders in the first place.

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