go on a walk
search for health/nutrition info on the www
turn up the music and dance
clean your house until everything looks untouched
read a book or a magazine
find out about finances and investing
find out enough about a national issue to form a strong opinion
do that thing you've been meaning to do for so long
rent and follow a yoga or pilates video
express yourself creatively
wander and browse through the library
read about the toxins and food that build up in the digestive system
start writing in a journal about things besides calories
make your own original, unique website
have a movie fest
volunteer somewhere
get a job
master your self-description
play with your pet, they will love you
call your grandparents
go to howstuffworks.com and find out how stuff works
exfoliate your entire body
think about your life goals and how you'll reach them
make someone a bracelet or a necklace
read the newspaper - every word of it
stop procrastinating
do some extra credit

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